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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Basketball is my Favorite Sport...

Basketball is by far the best sport out of any I know of, except maybe Ping-Pong (or "Table-Tennis" as it is sometimes called.) It is the best because you get plenty of exercise doing it. I always get that good sore feeling when I play really hard. It is so fulfilling. Plus, there are so many skills that you can always get better at. I guess this is true with most sports, but especially with basketball. Think about it, you have to learn to shoot, dribble, box-out, pass, rebound, catch, defend, you have to learn to block shots, steal the ball, intercept passes... There are so many things. And you can always get better at all of them. Even Michael Jordan, who was obviously the best basketball player like, ever, could still practice and be better than he already was. And then you can learn to do things like jump really high, or do some crazy dunks, or some cool dribbles and stuff. Plus, I like the whole culture that surround basketball. All the slang and clothes and stuff. It's really funny. You just can't get all these things from any other sport.